Egypt Theme - Competition Winner!

Review by Simonpender: Theme: Egypt Nokia Theme by DustyJaneway Color: Superb. Sunset reds and yellows, with black and white text. I like. Consistent too. Just beautiful. 11/10 'cos it's just so tasty. Originality: excellent, especially the icons and clock and Sig Strength. Unique. 10/10 Visibility: Excellent. A good use and black and white text, with nice clear pop ups and panels. Technicality: excellent. I see a nice balance of color and images. The pop ups are well designed. The panels are very good. Attention to detail: Superb. Every corner has had the utmost care and attention. Lots of treats and eye candy. 11/10 A work of craft. Points 52/50 My overall fave. 

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