Bora Bora

Now that the Destination: World competition is over on MMC Forums, I can post my winning Egypt theme (see post below) and this beautiful Bora Bora theme for you to enjoy.

 DOWNLOAD Bora Bora Nokia theme by DustyJaneway

Egypt Theme - Competition Winner!

Review by Simonpender: Theme: Egypt Nokia Theme by DustyJaneway Color: Superb. Sunset reds and yellows, with black and white text. I like. Consistent too. Just beautiful. 11/10 'cos it's just so tasty. Originality: excellent, especially the icons and clock and Sig Strength. Unique. 10/10 Visibility: Excellent. A good use and black and white text, with nice clear pop ups and panels. Technicality: excellent. I see a nice balance of color and images. The pop ups are well designed. The panels are very good. Attention to detail: Superb. Every corner has had the utmost care and attention. Lots of treats and eye candy. 11/10 A work of craft. Points 52/50 My overall fave. 

DOWNLOAD Egypt Nokia theme by DustyJaneway

Two new further Star Trek themes completed

The above two themes are my latest works and have been made for the Round 5 Mini Competition at MMC Forums. I shall post the themes with full previews here once the competition has closed and a winner has been announced.

Star Trek XI (2) theme completed

Being the Trekkie that I am, I have had to complete another Star Trek theme for the MMC Round 5 Mini Competition! You can preview/download the theme from MMC Forums. The full theme will be posted here as soon as the competition closes.

Star Trek XI theme completed

I've just completed a theme which is for the Round 5 Mini Competition over at MMC Forums. The theme is called "Star Trek XI" and is based on the brand new Star Trek film (which I cannot wait to watch!). As usual, I cannot post the completed theme here until the competition closes. In the meantime, you can view/download the theme from MMC Forums.

Star Trek Themes...

The next Mini Competition on MMC Forums - Round 5 - is based on all things Star Trek! I've started work on a brand new Star trek theme, so watch this space for updates!

Silk Spectre II

This is a theme that was made for the Round 3 Mini Competition on MMC Forums, however I did not enter it for judging - I chose my 'Watchmen Theme' instead, as you can only choose one. It is based on the character Silk Spectre II from the movie Watchmen and is for Nokia S60 3rd FP1 and FP2 handsets. Enjoy :)

Watchmen Theme - Competition Winner!

Well guys, now that the Round 3 Mini Competition on MMC Forums is over, I can finally post my Watchmen theme(s) here to share with you all. This theme, which was chosen as the winner, is simply titled Watchmen by DustyJaneway. A big thanks to everyone who voted for it on MMC Forums and also to Tricksy for her hard work on the competitions. Finally another big thanks goes to Paul and Danut for designing and choosing my winning signature badge - I love it guys! :)

Review by SimonPender @ MMC: Theme: Watchmen

Nokia Theme by DustyJaneway *************************** Color: good. Jumps out of the phone. The yellow text gives it a good lift. 9/10 Originality: excellent. Excellent choice of images all the way through, and a lot of wonderfully unique pictures 10/10 Visibility: excellent despite the busy images. I am impressed. I also like the consistent yellow text. It stands out very well. 10/10 Technicality: excellent of course from DustyJane. Superb panels and icons. Wonderful placement of images. 10/10 Attention to detail: superb. I truly cannot fault this in any aspect, and every aspect has been painted and trimmed and tickled. 10/10 Points 49/50 This extract is from my vote for our round 3 Mini Comp. Nice work. Si
by simonpender on Apr 11

Another New Competition Theme!

"Egypt" is a QVGA theme by DustyJaneway, made for MMC Forums Mini Competition Round 4. It's for S60 3rd FP1 & FP2 phones and includes a modified Blue_Ray icon pack, with special Egyptian SVG icons. Also includes digital clock by Dhanusaud and a unique Egyptian themed SVG analogue clock by DustyJaneway. Like other compeition entries, it can only be posted here once the competition is closed and voting is over. Meanwhile you can view and download it over @ MMC Forums.

New Competition Theme

I've just completed my latest theme, for the Round 4 Mini Competition at MMC Forums. It is called Bora Bora and it is a little slice of paradise for your mobile phone ;) It includes icons and indicators by the magnificent Blue_Ray and you can only download it at: MMC Forums